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On 20 August, while waiting to join a convoy across the channel to France, harsh weather caused the ship to drag anchor and founder on a sand bank. Read Part 1 in the series An article describes a cricket match between naval officers and local settlers in 1863. If there is a requirement for additional documents, car hire companies such as Europcar have said they will respond and, apply the law applicable at the time. Brexit uncertainty has done enormous damage, said SMMT chief Mike Hawes. {\image\:{\pid\:\p06rvx8f\}} I am looking forward to doing what I do best - I am a showman. She realised that another girl's name was on the notes - and this girl had an eating disorder, had self-harmed and was withdrawing from an addiction to painkillers. Lionel Messi deserved World Cup Golden Ball - Alejandro Sabella - BBC Sport (Dundee) wins a free kick in the attacking half. It's early days to see what path most will take, but Andela says of the first batch of alumni, more than 90% are still working in Nigeria. And because tomatoes are so rich in umami, “this links to people ordering tomato juice and Bloody Mary in the air in a way they never do on ground,” he adds. hit the road for a 280km drive north to the Waterberg Plateau Park. The defeat was the Ligue 1 side's heaviest in the competition and leaves them with one point from four matches. One Twitter user, @KenLynch73, said linking obesity with cigarette-style branding was a new low. Hainanese chicken rice is the chickeniest chicken dish one can find in the chicken-eating world. These involve hard borders of the sort the Irish government says it will never accept. The tremor was recorded at a depth of 10km (six miles) on Tuesday afternoon. These operations weren't caused by skeleton - I guess training hard over 10 years maybe, but I am just really grateful for being a part of it. Police found Haque had been teaching religion in two locations during the time he was under investigation: Dayle Grubb replaces Jack Aitchison. Scarlets: Halfpenny says region ready to beat the best - BBC Sport MATCH REPORT: Swindon Town 0-1 Woking Sadly, though, the game will be remembered chiefly for the injury to Tano, in what looked nothing worse than a committed challenge by Isco. set up in side streets selling tacos and hot dogs, and small stalls ply team The sketch had a pre-sale estimate of £6,000 to £8,000 and was last sold in 1949. Scotland Yard have said they are treating the crash as a terrorist incident. However, British student Sian Kelly has found herself at the forefront of establishing and developing women's cricket in Argentina and Chile. School (and offshoot Prairie School) of For a ban to be truly effective, the UK government [would have to take steps] that I can't imagine users or ISPs would be happy with. Mr Putin, then a KGB major, got it in 1985. As support for the Nazis grew, the school began to be seen as being at odds with National Socialism and students and teachers fled to a new base in Berlin. Mothers at Copenhagen's Hvidovre Hospital, regardless of income or social status, have access to the care to give their children an equal start to their first days. The Spanish keeper was dropped for the midweek win against Tottenham but was back in the team at Fulham as Chelsea made it back-to-back wins in the league. Fejiri Okenabirhie (Shrewsbury Town) is shown the yellow card for excessive celebration. He was asked whether the Trump Organization would stop hiring foreign workers to set an example for the rest of the country. I think about each dive individually and what will be, will be. Yet in the measured curves of its The proportion of female Conservative and Labour MPs has increased, despite an overall fall in the number of Labour MPs. But, like all young players, he matured. And in stoppage time, Messi made certain of the points with a fierce right-foot finish after good combination play with Alba. representing the big names -- John Mayer. Lesson learned.

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What A Time When We All Get To Heaven Lyrics Oliver is a sensational talent and it will be no problem to him. With the match heading for extra time, Manchester City forward Mahrez whipped a fierce set-piece into the top corner. Age no longer wearies. You can't not. Lawrie Wilson [Bolton - Peterborough] Loan Antoine Griezmann (France) wins a free kick on the left wing. Festival organizers later said the employee responsible didn’t know the image was of Gregory Villemin, a French child who was kidnapped and murdered in 1984 in a famous unsolved case. For Baltazar it was his brother, who had crossed years earlier to never return - he did not explain how or his current situation. The legal team taking the action on behalf of the parliamentarians has had previous success, when it established that the UK had the power to revoke Article 50 - the mechanism which started the Brexit process. Alexei Navalny The inquest hearing in Huntingdon was told the accident happened at Iona's home, in Abington Pigotts, as she attempted to jump a bale on her pony Jack. Bank of England knew of at least £152,000 of counterfeit cash in circulation. Bids will be accepted until 20:00 on Thursday 5 September. Now the ruling from Sir John Mitting, the inquiry chairman, is that he won't be named unless there is a good reason to do so - despite campaigners saying that he won't know what the good reason is unless the officers are named. Michael had the Gayle coordination and a mouth to wind up opponents and infuriate officials. We recall her having a passion for dancing - she was an active member of the school dance club and positively contributed to a number of school performances. Second Half ends, Morecambe 0, Walsall 1. Instead, what we are seeing is that is not the case. Other research has found similar things. Connolly has represented Republic of Ireland at U17, U19 and U21 level and has made four appearances for Brighton this season. It is estimated that more than 60% of the population identifies itself as Christian, and 45% belongs to the Catholic Church. Playing at this high level, any little mistake can cost you dearly. Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, he said: We want a regulatory framework between the UK and EU which is the same. Stand beside it and close your eyes, and the busy urban landscape is replaced by an elemental non-human scene. In the US, 10 states ban guns in schools, outright. They will prohibit any duties being imposed on digital products such as videos, music and e-books and will ensure data can be freely transferred across borders. That is the message that EU officials have taken from the first set of meetings with Prime Minister Boris Johnson's new negotiator, David Frost. Even he could not keep Celtic out, but by performing at such a high level, as he has done regularly, against high-profile opposition, he must surely have caught the eye of Scotland head coach Alex McLeish. A torpedo explosion and fire killed 118 Russian sailors, in a drama which gripped the world's media. A similar opt-out system has been in place in Wales since 2015. Workers armed with jam jars would crawl on hands and knees, filling them with diamonds. sold The Studio, his state-of-the-art recording complex However, he left the Lowland League side shortly after that without making an appearance in order to concentrate on his coaching at Fir Park. Chantelle Boye-Hlorkah put Everton ahead with a fine individual effort and Simone Magill got the third before Fara Williams pulled one back for Reading. 1824 - French physicist Joseph Fourier describes the Earth's natural greenhouse effect. Major League Baseball has been unwilling to shut down the season during the Olympics, something the federation is seeking to resolve. Aoife Hopkins placed 48th to join Keller inside the qualification criteria at the event in Japan. View image of Most Argentines still order pastries using their more irreverent names (Credit: Credit: Rob Blackburn/Getty Images) If there's the smallest chance that I could make some form of difference or awareness, for me I'm in. The OAS requested a partial recount from nearly 5,000 ballot boxes after a number of alleged irregularities in the vote. They have started a scheme to try to absorb some of the carbon dioxide emitted by the flights they take to conduct their research; Jason said he has been criticised for his high carbon footprint and feels guilty about it. 'Siri, will talking ever top typing? I didn't panic until my brother rang me and said that there were police helicopters over the lake. However, councils say it does not make up for the loss of funding they used to receive until 2010, the point at which the number of rough sleepers started to climb.

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Waxing Studio S Lamar The goal lifted Argentina and, despite Vedad Ibisevic slotting in late on for Bosnia-Hercegovina, they held on. If, for example, Mr Johnson is in Downing Street and his warm relations with Donald Trump continue, might he be more easily tempted to adopt a more hostile approach to Iran? Some diplomats in Washington sense a shift in the UK's position already, although Whitehall officials deny it. After making the switch she became bobsleigh world champion alongside Gillian Cooke, herself a former long jumper. Make sure the photos you chose are accurate for the sentiment being expressed. She hasn't had an appointment with neurology for at least five years and now this has come like a bombshell - it's frightening. Foul by Darren Stephenson (Stockport County). For everyone else, however, motivations are often difficult to explain, even to oneself. RORY - Well, it came sort of last autumn when I was already beginning to think something was up, I'd been dragging my foot for quite a while. Through his summer camps, Moe encourages young people to think for themselves, create solutions when problems arise, and in turn gain confidence. Brussels attacks: Why Europe missed warning signs It was a sore one for him, but Regan wouldn't be the first, and won't be the last chief executive to have his preferred choice turn him down. My players loved working with him with Wales and really enjoyed it. That September, she sailed to England, up the River Thames to Greenwich Palace, and met Queen Elizabeth I, where she negotiated Tibbot's release and her own pardon by agreeing to fight the Queen's enemies. This is the world of intellectual property (IP) theft, which costs European companies alone about €60bn (£52bn) in lost sales each year, according to figures from the EU's Intellectual Property Office. She dismissed them. Bosnia and Herzegovina 3, Liechtenstein 0. It needs investment to bring in jobs. Against Sweden, Alli became the second-youngest player to score for England at the World Cup (22 years and 87 days), behind only Michael Owen (18 years and 190 days). And in the end, it all paid off – they won the tournament, leaving grandmasters and some well-known programs in their wake. The teen Primark model with vitiligo Sebastian Prödl (Austria) wins a free kick in the attacking half. It added that it had data backups ready with which to restore systems once the virus had been dealt with. And its twin pillars soon crumbled as P. We wandered Oliver Burke (Scotland) right footed shot from outside the box is high and wide to the right. Her colleagues start with no idea of what or who they are listening to. The nature has blessed us with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, exotic wildlife and historic places. Could this really be the right place? Former Wales striker John Hartson on BBC Radio 5 live If you actually watch him - and you are being even vaguely objective - you will see that Messi is head and shoulders above everybody else. Conceded by Chris Kane. Facebook may well have helped the Conservatives in 2015, Vote Leave in 2016 and Labour in 2017. but it is hard to measure definitively the influence of social media on any election. Dempsey was not in court after being found unfit to stand trial. M&S, which is backed by HSBC, is the only one still selling mortgages. Sixty-two hours after returning from Italy, and despite a far from polished performance in what was their third game inside a week, Wolves had enough energy to salvage a point thanks to Jimenez' spot-kick and extended their unbeaten start to the campaign. It always depends on every moment for the results. The last illusion that we are able to participate legally in politics has disappeared. There's no shortage of potential internal candidates - such as Bank Deputy Governor Ben Broadbent or Chief Economist Andy Haldane. {\image\:{\pid\:\p06m9pc8\}} Briefly, the Scottish case was brought by a cross party group of 75 members of Parliament and a QC on 30th July because of their concern that Parliament might be prorogued to avoid further debate in the lead up to exit day on 31st October. Richard Foster (St. Airbnb said its local entity in China already stored this information and would share it with authorities on request.

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Best Still For Rum Within an hour everything is back to normal. Lois Diony replaces Mehdi Abeid. Moreover, the weapons available during social disorder were rudimentary: swords, arrows and occasionally guns. They don't come in and put everyone on edge like they used to. Neymar has done his share. Needless to say, gaining approval for human trials has been a struggle. • Spain’s medieval clifftop skyscrapers The attention I'm getting, I don't think I deserve it, he said. The Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank owner will close three operating centres in Edinburgh, Norwich and Leeds. They were hard-working and dangerous against Argentina and had more about them going forward than Nigeria did against Iran. But Ieropoulos believes it will be possible to boost the power of the fuel cells further by tweaking the materials and the process. My first wildlife memories are of visits to Moose Jaw's Wild Animal Park, a now-closed collection of small concrete enclosures and pony rides 50km from Saskatchewan’s capital, Regina, and 2,000km from the west coast. He worked hard. Anne Rowling died aged 45 from complications related to multiple sclerosis (MS). FA People's Cup: Winners describe their 'amazing' day at Wembley - BBC Sport It made me feel helpless, frustrated and low. Croatia playmaker Luka Modric had claimed Mexico benefited from a great deal of luck in their draw with hosts Brazil, but it was the Real Madrid midfielder's side who enjoyed the early fortune at the Arena Pernambuco in Recife. Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) right footed shot from a difficult angle and long range on the left to the bottom left corner. We deserved it in the end. Though that point drew a line under a difficult period, another stalemate at home to Newcastle extended Saints' winless run as well as their drought in front of goal - on an afternoon that could have allowed Hughes' side to create daylight between themselves and the relegation places. Outside of the environmental costs of land clearance and methane emissions involved in cow leather, the industry says it has made efforts in recent years to improve production processes around the world. Decades later, tantalising questions remain: could Bull’s supergun idea have worked? And might the idea that died with him ever return? READ: 'I'm mixed-race, is Cambridge University right for me? (January 2019) Ashley Hodson replaces Rinsola Babajide. Leicestershire head coach Paul Nixon told BBC Radio Leicester: I was only saying what a lot of members had been saying anyway. Fifteen months later, the 30-year veteran - who worked at the school for nine years and resigned days after the attack - has been charged with seven counts of child neglect with great bodily harm, three counts of culpable negligence and exposure to harm, and one count of perjury. My guess is that they see picking a direct fight with the US as a losing battle and a real danger, Mr Rossow says. While some may consider riding on top of the largest land mammal to be a cultural experience that holds an air of romance, few recognise that this practice actually significantly compromises the welfare of these magnificent animals and potentially places people at risk. Several lesser-known contenders turned their fire on one another as they vied to emerge from the shadows with only a limited time to make an impression. But he added: Things have really calmed, and (we are) just hoping beyond hope that the government can unlock something. At a climate change protest: You might think the world doesn't talk enough about the looming precipice of envirogeddon, but I think, as a species, we don't draw enough attention to what a top-class batsman Ross Taylor is. Like other lonely landers – our avatars at the frontiers of knowledge – these probes took years to develop and build, survived perilous journeys around the solar system and some only lasted a matter of minutes before shutting down. What would the question be? Second, both its iconic bridge and the River Avon made it easy to spot. She's 33, I'm only 18. What we want from back home is support, encouragement, for people to believe, said Hodgson, 66. Foul by Daneil Cyrus (Trinidad and Tobago). He playfully insists his outing on the wrong lake was a warm-up. Mabululu (Angola) wins a free kick on the right wing. The Mercedes driver passed team-mate Valtteri Bottas, who started from pole position, off the line and controlled Formula 1's 1,000th race from there. He first club was AAS Sarcelles before he moved Quimper in 2009, just over 350 miles from Paris.

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Philosophy Essays Officers remain in the area and will be carrying out forensic and house-to-house inquiries, she added. Meanwhile, on Sunday, Williams' team won the annual Soccer Aid tournament at Old Trafford in Manchester. Mr Pence became the first vice-president to speak at the openly anti-LGBT Family Research Council's annual conference in 2018. He boasted that, despite this, the nation was turning around so rapidly. Conceded by Merih Demiral. There is also a nod in this FCA report to the poverty premium - you get a worse deal if your finances are less resilient or you struggle with handling money. The Egypt international, who has seven caps, played 342 games for Brighton between 2003 and 2014 before spells at Bristol City and Shrewsbury Town. Mohamed Fares replaces Ramy Bensebaini. The economist Adam Smith explained in the late 1700s that productivity is built on a process of dividing up labour into small specialised tasks. Over the past 200 years, salt farming has become a huge industry in the Ranns. He asked the patients to score their pain and anxiety during the procedure and in 2006 presented his results at the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality conference in California. The temperatures are secret,\ Brunner said. ‘The thing I’m most afraid of is the ants,’ Dario Zanatta (Partick Thistle) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the bottom right corner. He has followed them all over the country, and has sometimes been the only away fan. MATCH REPORT: West Ham United 2-0 Birmingham City Archer, who bowled the super over which secured England's triumph in the final, took 2-21 from his four overs. Realistically, Granada have very little chance of staying up. Leinster scrum-half Nick McCarthy is the only new signing to be confirmed by the Champions Cup semi-finalists. Aldershot Town 1, Sutton United 1. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said it would not comment on live legal proceedings. But he went on to found a boxing club and has spent 20 years steering youngsters away from dangers of gang life and crime. There is also considerable local opposition to the gas storage plan on environmental grounds. Glampedakis and colleagues say that there is another way to build mountains on neutron stars which doesn’t rely on their having a companion star to cannibalise – and this points towards the second sought-after phenomena in fundamental physics. View image of Fatima's registry helps her keep track of who has collected water (Credit: Lou Del Bello) You can follow all the action from the quarter-finals phase of the 2014 Fifa World Cup with the BBC across television, radio and online. Ian Allinson: Boreham Wood boss on Halifax - BBC Sport The council said it believed the material was on the extremity of the site and posed a low risk. Mostly, I have been confined to the four walls of my house, reading books on Kashmir by local and foreign authors. Buckley, who is married with two children, went on to star in the BBC sitcom, White Gold, about a group of double-glazed window salesmen in Essex in the 1980s. Corner, Caen. When researchers in the famous Whitehall study followed the lives of middle-aged civil servants in the UK, they found that the people who are most likely to get bored were 30% more likely to have died over the next three years. In an essay, Sir Ivor wrote that it was a red letter day when he purchased the very fine and very large drawing. Move to east Asia: There is no escaping the relentless geography of education rankings. Maria Bailey brought a legal action against the Dean Hotel in Dublin for alleged injuries. A large number of laws may change and these will also apply to foreign residents and visitors, including tourists, the Department of Foreign Affairs posted to its Smart Traveller website today, before the president announced this delay. Justyna is not deterred though. Argentina built a new rail system that connects nearby towns to the capital. Wales forward Gareth Bale was absent with an ankle problem as Real beat one of their city rivals to record a third consecutive clean sheet for the first time in the Spanish league since September 2015. I don't want to discuss matters that I discussed with the US Marshals Service in open court, Mr Greenberg said. The tips had always been a local commodity, and the brewery started accepting them as a form of payment. When we reached an especially submerged section of road, for the first time Sopheng stopped and said, “We’d better walk here. rdquo; So we dismounted.

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Chinese Herbs For Dogs With Cancer The reason I would still tip the Dutch to win, however, is they have got more match-winners than the Mexicans. Step aside, cocktail mixologists, the robot bartender has arrived. Buddhist temples are a must visit\nwhen travelling through Asia, and Naritasan is one of the less touristy. And for Vicki and Ian, still struggling to come to terms with their loss, they believe there are some other very practical things that could make all the difference in the future. He has now scored in each of his past eight international matches. The sheer size and the scale and ambition at which we're looking to address problems - like protracted conflict, or forced displacement, or epidemic disease, or food security and famine, or climate change - (is unprecedented). The Foxes and Spurs then meet again next Wednesday in their televised FA Cup third-round replay. Dominic Samuel (Blackburn Rovers) right footed shot from the right side of the six yard box is blocked. The helicopter spiralled out of control after taking off from the club's stadium on 27 October. British diving champion Tom Daley showed precisely what Grevemberg meant. This figure was based on the unit cost information supplied by each council to NHS Digital. Other leading names taking part included British Paralympic champion Sophie Hahn, who won the Women's IPC 100m. If we are looking to go forward, and we have these new, centralised teams, it may be that we have to build a structure around that. It was April – the hot season – when breakfast seemed seasoned with sweat. So, would those who want to stay in the EU admit that that means the UK could not control immigration from Europe? But would those who want to get out admit that if they stop people coming from the EU then British people might be stopped from moving to Spain or France or Germany to work? To me, that was an achievement because somehow we managed with 34 goals to do what we did. But despite there being no established rules for donkey milk (or donkey milk cheese) in Serbia, concerns arose over the use of unpasteurized milk, and Zasavica was forced to stop factory production of the cheese. Pyongyang, the capital of the DPRK, has all the classic symbols of a workers’ paradise. The study says government attempts to cancel many plants have failed. From next month she will start teaching courses in ecobricking at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) that sets interest rates also warned that a no-deal Brexit would hit the economy. Last year Zhang sold more than one billion yuan (£114m, $145m) of products through her online store, which puts out more than 1,000 products each year. The buzz on the streets\nis undeniably Latin American, of course, which creates an intoxicating blend. Andrew Considine (Aberdeen) header from the centre of the box misses to the right. He too then proceeded to tip others. The Mossmorran plant, which has been at the centre of a number of flaring incidents, was temporarily shut down on 12 August. Later Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe phoned South Korean President Park Geun-hye to repeat an apology already offered by Mr Kishida. It's the last year for me, he said. John Brayford (Burton Albion) is shown the yellow card. Wieners, Frankfurters and even the humble Hamburger all are simply names of German-speaking cities, and of people from those cities. Churning out Charles Abi (St Etienne) header from the centre of the box is just a bit too high. In tests, neither Wysa nor Woebot told an apparent victim to seek emergency help. The Prospect union said its Science Museum Group members backed walkouts by 4-1 in protest at a wage rise of 1. Women's 200m Breaststroke * aims for a prohibition-era New York speakeasy vibe and, as the name would popularity of these runs has grown worldwide since Glamour magazine organised the first one in Amsterdam in 2006. Peter Saunders, who was head of the team that made them, said it was an amazing turn of events. Strasbourg 3, Lille 0. Watch highlights as League One strugglers AFC Wimbledon make the FA Cup fourth round for the first time as Kwesi Appiah's last-minute goal helps them beat Fleetwood. Some families are currently granted legal aid for inquest hearings, while others crowdfund or pay their own costs and represent themselves. Don’t place luggage under the seat in front of you, as that reduces the ability to move your legs.

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Spanner Socket Autozone That may have been a result of Van Barneveld's pre-match comments, when the five-time world champion said he did not fear Taylor, who responded by saying that he would make the 13th seed afraid. Five years on, and the story is a much happier one, with Albert arriving safely into the family seven weeks ago. to grab a quick bite is La Boulangerie Il Who is Samsung's Lee Jae-yong? Will they consider it worth giving Mr Johnson's deal a try? Or is it better to wait until the outcome of a likely election to make a decision. The slogan on the Championship side's shirt broke FA regulation C. (i), which states advertising should consist of one single area on the front of the shirt, not exceeding 250 square centimetres. insulation for the harsh winters and summers,” he said. “It was inspiring to see a darker-skinned model celebrated in such a way. It helped keep the spirits up. Yet if he changed his mind again, the appeal is simple - if you're worried about a recession, a payroll tax cut can boost consumer spending, which accounts for about two-thirds of the US economy. Extremism is global education fight, says Blair Sochi 2014: British curling men reach Olympic final - BBC Sport I met up with the general manager and the rest is history. Mrs Hambleton said: I feel it is not conducive to being able to answer all the questions that continue to haunt us - including who planned, prepped, and planted bombs. It was the first time that Taliban militants attended such an event. Assisted by Yuri. I lost a lot of friends because of my moods. Douglas Costa (Juventus) left footed shot from outside the box is saved in the centre of the goal. Sevcik unleashed two similar strikes with his potent left foot, beating Kepa Arrizabalaga first at his near post before then finding the top corner with a stunning effort five minutes later. There was also further evidence that companies were continuing to stockpile, the Bank said, though the signs were that imports had risen strongly recently, so a lot of the goods were coming from overseas. Following a thorough investigation the man was released with no further action to be taken against him, the statement said. “Virtually everyone could shoot at you – from an infantry man with a rifle to anti-aircraft guns, all the way up to heavy guns. Marko Pjaca replaces Gonzalo Higuaín. It added that the inquiry will seek to understand Oxfam's overall approach to safeguarding, in order to uphold trust in the charity. Assisted by Joel Matip. Glasgow Warriors: Depleted squad must keep standards high - Dave Rennie - BBC Sport These small, puffy pillows – which are surprisingly light and airy, despite being fried in oil – taste like a fluffier version of what you might find at a county fair or a circus. Readers who want to share tips about the case of the Isdal Woman can contact the investigation team via the the Death in Ice Valley website. The country's first openly gay woman in parliament and cabinet, Ms Wong was overwhelmed as the result came in. Parris scored twice as City swept aside Liverpool to take her career WSL tally to her 37 goals, surpassing former Chelsea forward Eni Aluko's haul of 36. Dallas is home to Texas’ most renowned chef, Stephan Pyles, a founder of the 1980s Southwestern Cuisine\nmovement, which started shaking up state cuisine into something stylish. “If people see a failure as a success waiting to happen that’s generally what happens,” said Mowbray. It’s not a business for the faint-hearted. “In those days, you couldn’t talk ‘condom’ out loud,” Leeper recalls. And it's bound to be thrown back at the former Conservative chief whip when he arrives at Stormont House to attempt to steer the talks towards a restoration of devolution with a sizeable dollop of Brexit on the side. Social media accounts reportedly linked to the incident have been suspended after a series of posts were made about the shooting. handful of hours each day or the cabin’s basic amenities – a twin bed, desk and As Oscar Wilde famously wrote, to lose your numbers four to seven batsmen for a total of five runs or fewer in an ODI innings once may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose them for five or fewer in successive matches looks like your entire cricketing nation is subsiding into a pit of nothingness. João Félix (Atlético de Madrid) wins a free kick in the attacking half. Offside, Slovenia.